Not all social media influencers are created equal. We help you see how.



Monitor your campaigns in real-time through keywords and hashtags

Map the communities of your campaigns

Identify influencers and their roles

Identify campaign metrics such as impressions, items, unique accounts

Analyse your campaign over time



Campaign Monitoring

Evaluate the performance of your social media campaigns in real time. Respond to your audience. Identify new opportunities for engagement.

Community Analysis

How well do you know your audience? How up to date is your current business intelligence? Reach identifies communities based on actual online behavior, letting you keep in touch with your current customers and identify new audiences.

Influencer Marketing

Who holds the key to your target audience? Use Reach Social to keep up with the shifting landscape of online influence, and generate valuable word of mouth buzz about your brand.

Targeted Marketing

Identify and engage with specific groups on their terms. Understand who, when and what appeals to different online communities.

Crisis Management

Respond quickly to emerging crises, identify affected communities and neutralize artificial threats. Take back the conversation from the trolls.

Competitive Analysis

Understand your marketplace better by understand how your competition is using social media.


#SmartFREEInternet: Anatomy of a black ops campaign on Twitter

Interest groups are mobilizing fictitious social media resources at scale to disrupt online conversations. How can you spot black ops campaigns?

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